Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm quite sorry that I do not have anything new to post about today. I'm currently in the process of canning another round of tomato soup. Please see changes to the recipe, as I've adjusted the amount of sugar to start with. I personally like it quite spicy and slightly sweet, and my kids love it when it is sweet enough to offset a grilled sharp cheddar sandwich. They won't touch it if it even slightly tingles their tongue. So, please heed my advice and start off with only 1/4 cup of sugar.

That said, I'm also chilling a double-batch of David Lebovitz's Chocolate Coconut Sherbet (or Coconut chocolate sherbet.. I don't recall which comes first.) I went to the store this morning and picked up the ingredients for his Cheesecake Ice Cream as well. I'll post how that goes. I received his latest book, The Perfect Scoop, yesterday in the mail and was surprised at how exhaustive it is. I love the anecdotes of how certain flavors came to be; my favorite involves standing in the Barcelona train station at gunpoint. You'll have to read the book for specifics. If you thought ice cream required tempering egg yolks just so and didn't want to deal with that whole mess; The Perfect Scoop is the exact thing that you need. Sure, some of the recipes start off with a French custard base (see yolks.) Most of them do not. I'm dying to make the Lemon Ice Cream, and it is in the plans for sometime next week. I have 4 ice cream cookbooks, and this one definitely trumps them all.

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Diane said...

Hi Daniela,
I made your tomato soup recipe this weekend and it was met with great success. You're right about the sugar, not much is needed and I might even reduce it some more. Although my kids thought it was great and I was only left with about 3 quarts to can.